Well, I would like to say to all the people who work in Herba Medica Company that I am glad to be one of the satisfied users of your herbal teas. I would like to thank you because we have dissolved all the cysts on my thyroid gland. I feel great and I’m really thrilled with these results and somehow I knew that it’s going to be fine because you have a rich experience with many diseases. I wish you all the best in your further career and now you have one more pleased woman expressing her deepest gratitude.
Ljubinka Spasic, Novi Sad


I used your therapy as we arranged. Because of the size of the myoma which caused me excessive bleedings and pains after my first round of therapy I ordered 5 more packages following your suggestion and I was persistent to the very end. I’ve just returned from the doctor’s and I would like to inform you that we have solved my problem!! Myoma is dissolved, there are no more pains. The only thing I have to say is that I’m coming to see you this weekend since I’m visiting my sister and I’m taking you all to dinner! I will get back to you today so I hope you’ll have time to meet. Thank you again.
Respectfully, Dragica Markovic, Sabac


I’ve had thyroid nodules over the past seven years but they haven’t caused any major problems to me. However, I got scared that there might be some complications and I heard about you from a good friend of mine who solved her cyst problem. So I ordered because you were kind and I somehow trusted you. After the treatment I went to the ultrasound and my doctor told me wonderful news. My right lobe was completely clean and there were only some micro cystic changes he says are harmless. He himself couldn’t believe it as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and kind regards to you all.
Gordana Milosevic, Belgrade


Dear friends,
I would like to inform you that there is a real celebration going on at my house and that all my family members send their kindest regards and thanks, but first of all me. We have removed the uterine fibroid and it doesn’t exist anymore. I still can’t believe it and I can only pay my deepest respect and wish you a long career. You have my recommendation..many kisses from Milunka. Cheers!
Milunka Stanic, Subotica


My dear friends, I would like to tell you that we have simply removed the myoma and I just don’t know how to thank you enough and express my happiness!!! My children thank you and we might come and meet you all in person. My gratitude again, may you live for a thousand years. You have my recommendation and best regards!!
Danka Rajic, Belgrade


As we arranged before I’m letting you know that I consumed all 7 packages of herbal tea and that I’ve taken the ultrasound. My nodule has decreased from 6 to 2cm so I would like 4 more packages of tea if it’s not a problem. You can send it on Monday. I’m so happy because we have such good results; you have returned hope to my life and made this day nice for a grandma who didn’t have faith that everything would turn out fine. But now that I see the improvement I will be persistent to the end. Thank you once again and a nice day to you too.
Snezana Tomic, Novi Sad


My dear friends,
I had a cyst size 10cm.I drank herbal tea for 7 weeks. After my regular medical exam I was very surprised that my cyst disappeared. Thank you for this wonderful cooperation and I would like to recommend Femina to all of you with a similar problem.
Regards, Katarina Jovanovic, Paracin .


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get rid of the myoma 7cm big, I actually got it 3 years ago, tried everything but nothing worked. When my doctor told me I had to have a surgery since it was growing and causing additional health problems then I called you. Honestly, I wasn’t convinced that I would get rid of it since my previous experiences weren’t promising. Still, I ordered one of your treatment packages and after only 2 weeks felt some improvement. After I spoke to you it turned out that the myoma started dissolving. 45 days later I went to the ultrasound and I couldn’t believe that it had completely dissolved. I have to mention that I also used your Vaginal Douching and I think this herbal tea has also contributed a lot. Thank you a lot. You have helped me so I feel obliged to advertise as a satisfied client.

My dear ones,
I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for solving my thyroid nodules (lumps) problems. For years I had had this problem but from the day I phoned things changed for better. First of all you gave me hope and then you cured me. That is why I want to join these women and say thank you in public. Thank you very much.

With the help of your Femina herbal tea I solved my breast cysts problem. I’d like to thank you since it had been bothering me for years. Thanks a lot, and yes I will advertise you whenever and wherever I can. Sincerest regards.