To achieve that, here’s a few advices:

To achieve that, here’s a few advices:

Get to know your problematic eating habits. Keep a diary for a week or two,writing down everything you eat.It will help you understand how much snacks you spend,how much you eat depending on your mood,and how much you overdo on the weekends.

-Avoid temptations – do not keep high calorie snacks in the house.A calorie table will help you determine which foods are the most dangerous.

-Discard high-calorie foods such as sugar,alcohol,butter,sour cream,cheese,salad dressings,red meat,cakes and pastry.

-Use low-calorie spices such as garlic,basil,oregano,and ginger instead of heavy sauces and dressings.

-Eat fruits and vegetables.It is rich in nutrients and low in calories.

-Schedule meals in advance.Do not eat while watching TV,because during this time you may not even realize what you have eaten.

-Instead of giving up your favorite foods,eat smaller portions,as this helps you burn fewer calories.Portions should be the size of a palm.

-Chew each bite at least 20 times.This way you can digest better – give your stomach time to respond when it’s full.

-Exercise.Keep your goal for 45 minutes a day,three to six times a week.You can choose to walk,hike,run,swim,ride a bicycle,do aerobics or yoga.

-Don’t feel guilty if you occasionally make a mistake.Just go back to the “right way”.

-Most of all,believe in yourself.You can succeed and you will succeed!

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