About us

Herba Medica Natural Company was founded in 2005 in Prokuplje. Our main business is producing and processing medicinal herbs grown exclusively in our domestic territory. Our company has been present for a number of years in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia as well as in the market of Macedonia where we have also been extremely successful.

Our products provide help for all benign tumors caused mostly by immune disorders, stress and inadequate diet.

From our assortment of products we may offer you clinically tested herbal teas that can help you dissolve all benign tumors until their full elimination. Our herbal teas also regulate blood sugar level so they are highly recommended for diabetes (both type one and two), depression, anxiety, impotence as well as for the regulation of the menstrual cycle.

Professional staff of the company Herba Medica Natural will make an effort to find the suitable therapy and join you to the group of thousands of our satisfied customers. Allow yourself to discover the power of medicinal herbs.

Follow the Nature to health
Herba Medica Natural